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iTap For PET Bottles
  • iTap For PET Bottles

    A revolutionary device for drinks dispensing into glass and plastic bottles. 


    • Minimal drainage losses (1-2%)
    • Fast and no-foam bottles filling
    • Produced from high-quality food-grade materials
    • High safety level
    • Has no disposable removable parts
    • Easy and convenient use
    • Warranty service
    • Best ratio of price vs quality
    • More Information

      Bottle filler for PET bottles. Fill bottles to sell beer to go and take home, perfect for beer trade! iTap is designed for commercial use in bars, breweries, tap rooms, bottle shops, grocery stores and more.

      Fast bottling allows serving more customers, which increases your income.  Because iTap bottle filler uses the counter pressure method, it ensures a longer shelf life of bottled drinks compared to other methods. And your clients will appreciate the taste of fresh craft drinks they can take home!

    145,00 €Τιμή

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