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5.2 pH Stabilizer Five Star

5.2 pH Stabilizer Five Star

5.2 PH
Special formulated blend of food-grade phosphate buffers for your brewing water during mash.

  • Optimize the enzymatic activity of your malt
  • Help clarify your wort
  • More consistent hop usage in the boil
  • Reduce scaling & mineral deposition in the lauter tun
  • Dosage: 8 g / 10 litres
  • More Information

    Instructions: use approx. 8 g per 10 litres of brewing water. Calculate the amount of water based on the total volume in the kettle. Add 5.2 pH Stabilizer™ during mashing in. If desired, dissolve in a small amount of water before adding to the mash.
    Storage: close the packaging tightly after use and store in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. Keep out of reach of children.

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