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FastOrange B test kit
  • FastOrange B test kit

    Trace the source of beer infections.


    PIKA FastOrange B Hygiene Swabs is a quick and easy test for assessing the presence of unwanted bacteria on brewing equipment. Allows for quick sampling to find the source of the infection. This kit is enough for taking samples from 4 different points in a brewing (or draft beer) system.

    Easy to use: a sample is taken with the included cotton swabs and is then added to the test tube. If the content changes color from brown to orange after a few days, you know that the sample contained bacteria.

    Begin by testing for unwanted bacteria in wort or finished beer, using FastOrange B Tubes. If the results show the presence of microbes, you can try to isolate the source of the problem using FastOrange B Swabs on specific parts of the equipment.

    FastOrange B is a growth medium developed for detecting beer spoiling contaminants. Growth of microorganisms can be assumed if the contents becomes cloudy and / precipitate. If the sample contains acid-producing bacteria (eg. Lactobacillus or Acetobacter), the color will change from brown / violet to orange / yellow. The results can be read after a few days of incubation at room temperature (25 °C).

    Contents: 2 test tubes with FastOrange B for testing liquid, and 2 sterile packaged cotton swabs with test tubes containing FastOrange B for testing surfaces.

    Made by PIKA Weihenstephan, Germany.

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