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Tettnanger Hops Pellets

Tettnanger Hops Pellets

Tettnanger hops are known for their versatility, as they offer a traditional noble aroma that blends seamlessly with other hops in your brew. Expect that classic German nose of spice, earth, and a hint of floral commonly added to German Ales, Lagers, and Wheat Beers.


Origin: Germany

A/A: 3.9%


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    Alpha Acid Composition 3%-5.8%
    Beta Acid Composition 2.8%-5.3%
    Co-Humulone Composition 24%
    Country Germany


    Total Oil Composition 0.36-1.07 mL/100g
    Myrcene Oil Composition 40.6%
    Humulene Oil Composition 20.4%
    Caryophyllene Oil 6.2%