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NUKATAP FC Tap (Stainless Steel) - Forward Sealing Tap
  • NUKATAP FC Tap (Stainless Steel) - Forward Sealing Tap

    NUKATAP FC Tap Only (Stainless Steel)


    What makes the NUKATAP different among the older manufactured styles of taps on the market?
    - First Pour Foam Reduction in Thermal Mass
    - Improved Laminar Flow
    - Most Sanitary Forward Sealing Design Design
    - Longer Life Seals
    - Move Versatle Tap Handle Angle
    - First Forward Sealing Tap EVER manufactured with optional spring return function
    - Better Forward Sealing Design

    • More Information

      The Nukatap FC (Flow Control) model is latest technology in flow control tap design giving you all the advantages of a forward sealing tap however still allowing you to control the flow speed using a simple flow control leaver on the right hand side of the tap. This makes balancing your beer lines a snap. This type of tap is typically suited to customers who are often switching from one beer style to the next and want maximum flexibility in their draft system. The Nukatap FC is also the first forward sealing tap ever manufactured that can be used with a spring return.  Historically on older tap designs such as the Intertap the FC it was not possilbe to make the self closing spring design work.  The new patented Nukatap FC design also includes this highly desirable feature.

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