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Kegland - Series X Kegerator 3-taps
  • Kegland - Series X Kegerator 3-taps


    The spacious cooler of the Series X Kegerator fits 4 19-litre corny or soda kegs (see accessories). In addition, a regulator and a CO2 cylinder holder are included, so you can easily connect your gas cylinders to your kegs. Due to the thick, insulating walls, this cooler is very energy-efficient.


    This kit contains:

    • Kegerator main body
    • MK4 KegLand regulator with 8 mm Duotight fitting
    • Wire shelf
    • Black plastic wrap around drip tray
    • Castor wheels
    • CO2 cylinder holder (for 2.6 kg gas cylinder)
    • Chrome plated guard rail
    • Brushed stainless steel triple tap
    • 3 x Nukatap stainless steel taps
    • 3 x Duotight compatible short shanks
    • 3 x black plastic tap handles
    • Pre-cut EVABarrier beer line 4 x 8 mm (ID x OD) and EVABarrier gas line 5 x 8 mm (ID x OD)
    • 3 x Duotight 6.5 x 8 mm push in fittings to easily join the beer line to the tap shanks
    • 4 x metric M5 stainless steel screws to secure the font to the cooler
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      Width: 60.00 cm

      Height: 110.00 cm

      Length: 73.00 cm

      Weight: 63.00 kg

    1.050,00 €Τιμή

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