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Keg-King 30L Chubby Pressure Fermenter
  • Keg-King 30L Chubby Pressure Fermenter

    Everything is more exciting when you have a Chubby!

    NOW with Stainless Steel Carrying Handles!

    Looking for an affordable, closed bottom pressure fermenter that will hold a 23L (6 gallon) batch of beer?

    Just whip out your Chubby and get pressure on your next fermentation.

    Chubby is perfect for 23-25L batches and still provides plenty of fermenter headspace.

    These rugged, durable PET pressure fermenters are made from the same crystal clear PET material as our entire line of pressure fermenters and unitanks.

    Chubby features the same hardware on the lid as a Ball Lock Keg so gas and liquid are easily controlled for transfers, fermentaion pressure and serving.

    Brewers can still extract bright, clear beer after fermentation by way of the floating diptubes that come standard with each Chubby fermenter.

    Chubby can be cleaned with your Corny Cleaner or simply soak in 50C or under of your favourite cleaning solution. 

    The super smooth interiors make it easy to remove fermentation debris, making clean up simple.

    • More Information

      *Please Note: Phosphoric acid sanitisers should have the pH range between 2.2 - 2.8. This is about a 1.5 - 2ml of sanitiser in 1L of water. Above the pH of 2.8, the sanitiser fails the 30-second test to prevent microbial growth. Below 2.2ph range, the sanitiser will affect the flavour of beer.

      Heat does more damage to PET fermenters than chemicals. Above 50 degrees Celsius, the PET can soften and deform permanently. It is best to allow hot cleaning solutions to cool down to at least 40 degrees C before use.

      Adhering to these recommendations will ensure the integrity of your fermenter tank for its useable life.

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