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K.9 Ebbegarden NORSK KVEIK

K.9 Ebbegarden NORSK KVEIK

Ebbegarden kveik comes from Jens Åge Øvrebust at Ebbegarden farm in Stordal, Norway. Ebbegarden has traditionally produced fruit, and it is believed that it is the source of the fruitiness in their kveik. During the Viking age, the mild climate made many vikings settle down to fish and farm the land in Stordalen, and the first church was built in the 1100’s. Beer and spirits were a big part of celebrations and gatherings for birth, confirmations and burials , and people made their own beer with kveik especially for these gatherings.


Flavor and aroma is tropical fruit. The intensity is medium at high fermentation temperatures, and at lower temperatures it will be less intens. Ebbegarden enhances bitterness, and it is recommended to adjust to lower IBU.


Kveik is a versatile type of yeast, and you can brew several different types of beers including traditional farmhouse, stouts and porters, seasonal beers, IPA and many more. At low mash temperatures you will get high attenuation and a dry beer, and the cloves and anis flavor really come through. Use your imagination, experiment with new recipes, and this yeast will not let you down.

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    Attenuation: High

    Flocculation:  Medium

    Usage Directions: Pitch directly into wort by sprinkling the yeast across the surface. Ensure that the wort has a temperature above 20°C (68°F). For fermentation below 20°C (68°F) or high gravity, increase pitching rate to 40 g/hl.

    Storage Recommendations: Store in the fridge.

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