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Bouncer PRO Filter

Bouncer PRO Filter

The Bouncer Pro is used by professional brewers and homebrewers alike to filter out dry hops, fruit, yeast, etc. during the transfer of beer from fermenter to keg. It also doubles as an infuser and is very easy to clean. The Bouncer Pro can be connected to any fermenter with a tri-clamp connection.

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    Application: Inline Filtration
    Connectivity: Stainless steel 1.5 inch tri-clamp and 1″ NPT female
    Screens: Red 20 mesh (915 micron), Blue 50 mesh (304 micron), and White 80 mesh (178 micron)
    Filter Area: 29.73 square inches (19,181 square mm)
    Max operating pressure: up to 150 psi at 21°C / 70°F and 100 psi at 52°C / 125°F
    Weight: 1 pound, 8 oz. / 0.69 kg (with tri-clamp adaptors and white screen)
    Accessories included: Stainless steel tri-clamp adaptors, a roll of pipe thread tape, three screens

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